412 Mesa Vintage Powerhouse bass Cab . 4 x 12″ neo speakers. Same size, volume and vibe of a 8 x 10 but weighs much less and is extremely portable. (Tilt and roll style wheels) DIMENSIONS: 45-1//4in H 24-1/2in W 19-3/4in D WEIGHT: 136 lbs (By comparison a Ampeg 810 weighs 192 lbs, it makes a big difference come load out time!) No speaker/crossover/tweeter issues whatsoever. Minor cosmetic wear but nothing major, as you can see in the pictures the grill is totally clean. Sounds insanely good. Looking for $900. They cost 1,300 (plus tax) new and don’t confuse the vintage powerhouse line with the less expensive “traditional powerhouse” line, this one is the real deal. Los Angeles area only. thanx, Manny.

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