For sale, Acoustic 361 Bass Amplifier. This is the bass cabinet the Jaco Pastorius from Weather Report and John Paul John of Led Zeppelin. It has a Cerwin-Vega 18” speaker that was made especially for Acoustic Products. This is the only Acoustic product that used another company’s speaker. This cabinet with a small amplifier such as a Peavy Basic 60 or any small amplifier with a 12” speaker will give you all the frequencies that are available for the Bass Guitar. The speaker and the cabinet are in excellent condition. The amplifier that goes in the bottom of the cabinet works but has a ground hum. I put a new 3 prong electrical connector but that did not help the ground hum. The amplifier needs to go to a shop for diagnosis. Other than using that amplifier you could purchase a small 300 watt 8 ohm amplifier to power the speaker, rather than the amplifier that goes in the bottom of the cabinet. The bottom line for this cabinet is it is an excellent sounding speaker and cabinet just needing the proper amplification to power it up. This unit sells for 2999.00 by the new Acoustic Corp. so this is a steal at 1,200.00.

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