Acoustic B200H Head and 4×10 cabinet half stack.

This earth-shaking package includes the Acoustic B200H Bass Amp Head and the Acoustic B410 400W 4×10 Bass Speaker Cabinet. The B200H professional head is designed for large club and live applications where it will fill any stage with depth and definition. The B410 cabinet easily handles the power of the Acoustic B200H head and provides wall-shaking lows and massive bottom end.

B200H 200W Bass Head:

The two bass inputs are designed to accommodate both active and passive bass instruments while the Gain and Volume controls give you complete control over the character of your tone. Increase the gain for some old school rock tones, or lower it and turn up the volume for great clean, classic or funk tones. The preamp includes a very natural and tube-like compression as well as a harmonically rich distortion circuit, which keeps your tone musical — even at high volume levels. The B200H also includes a notch filter to tailor your mids, and a six-band EQ for exact control over every nuance of your bass’s tone.

Rear panel features include a parallel Effects Loop, and XLR balanced Line Out with Level Control and Ground Lift. The two speaker output jacks allow you to directly connect to each enclosure (such as the B115 and/or B410) to maximize your tone and power.

B410 400W 4×10 Bass Cabinet:

The Acoustic B410 bass cabinet has a professional enclosure designed for large clubs and live applications where it will fill any stage with depth and definition. Although conservatively rated at 400 watts RMS, any combination of B115 or B410 cabinets may be used for larger venues.

The B410 bass cabinet features a rock-solid, sealed design with heavy internal bracing, caster sockets and professional spring-loaded touring handles with rubber grips. Heavy-duty rubber feet allow secure stacking and ensure solid placement on any floor surface. Rear panel features include a recessed jackplate with parallel dual 1/4″ jacks and a horn on/off switch.

Classic Acoustic cosmetics include nickel corners, black grille cloth with white piping, heavy-duty road-worthy covering material and steel trim strips with understated blue accent color. It all adds to the durability (and legacy vibe) of this great cabinet.

Marshall Cabinet casters included. This like new amp has only 1 hour of play time, before my son decided on 6-string. This half stack was $600 at Guitar Center, so a steal at this price, given its mint condition.

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