David Ouellet, the creator of the Bluegrass String Bass has been interested in Bluegrass music for over 30 years and has attended and played at many Northeast Bluegrass festivals including Thomas Point Beach, ME; Brandon Bowl Bluegrass festival, VT; Pemi Valley, NH; Blistered Fingers Bluegrass festival, ME and others.

David plays fill-in backup, and the bass was also requested by many group bass players as a unique element for their performances. They thought that was the greatest thing in the world! David often played with whoever happened to be there, and at many a campfire after the concerts.

Built in late ’80s the bass took about 2-3 months to design, fabricate, and tune. David kept playing around with it, and there were many iterations to perfect the ‘look’ and sound of the bass. Some of the unique parts include the bass body which was made from the last 55 gallon barrel of Texaco Regal R&O 100 turbine oil used at the Watts Fluid Air company, and the neck brace is from an antique chair. David previously made steel guitars, many one string washtub basses, and even a banjo out of a Plymouth hubcap!

This is a one of a kind 4 string bass, great looking and sounding with a diverse Bluegrass history that will make a great addition to any Bluegrass band. Woofer dog is not included. . .

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