Mesa M6 Carbine Combo Bass Amp. This is BAR-NONE the best sounding amp I’ve ever owned…and it’s a combo!Very portable (Tilt and roll style wheels). Search if you are not familiar with this amp. It’s a 600 watt head with 2 x 12” neo speakers and a horn. The M6 combo was discontinued by Mesa because it cost to much for them to make a profit and still complete with in the combo market so they are going to be harder to find. It’s in excellent condition and is insanely loud, I’ve played really big outdoor stages with the the input gain about 11:30 and the master on “3” and that’s with two guitarists! The voicing control on the Carbine line is REALLY useful, It just seems to magically find your own place in the mix. $1,400. Amp cover and all paperwork included. Thanx, Manny. Los Angeles area only

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